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Regular expression [on hold]

i want to write a web app using servlet and spring framework which is able to run (at least)
with Tomcat 6 and Java 6. You may assume that the system has MySQL 5,
but its use is not required.

The app should present the user with a WWW page to which the user
may enter an URL and press a button. After that the servlet will connect
to the URL provided, download whatever data there is, calculate average
length of words in the data and present the result to the user. For the
purposes of this task a word is defined as a sequence consisting of
letters a-z, A-Z or 0-9.


has words
body, class, ego, page, home, hasLeftCol, fbx, ff3, Locale, en, US,
and average word length of 4.18

Assume that this service will be very popular with all that it
entails. Design your servlet accordingly. In particular it should be
able to serve many simultaneous users efficiently.

Source: Stackoverflow

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