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How can I put sql count value on a variable?

I construct a code wherein it will count records where reservation_status = ‘WAITING’. If the total number of waiting is >= 1, then it will show the records and perform the claiming of reservations. Else it will echo “The Unclaimed Reservations List is Empty”.

This is my code:

  $countsql = mysqli_query($conn,"SELECT count(*) FROM reservations WHERE reservation_status = 'WAITING';");
  $count = mysqli_num_rows($countsql);
  if ($count >= 1){          
  $select = mysqli_query($conn,"SELECT * FROM reservations WHERE reservation_status = 'WAITING';");
  while($userrow = mysqli_fetch_array($select)){

                echo $rroom;?>
<a href="claimreservations.php?reservation_id=<?php echo $reservationid; ?>" onclick="return confirm('Are you sure to claim this reservation?');"/>CLAIM RESERVATION</a>
  <?php}}else if($count = 0){
  echo "The Unclaimed Reservations List is Empty".}

Now, I don’t know why does it show both the records and this error message:

Notice: Object of class mysqli_result could not be converted to int in
C:xampphtdocssystemadmin pagesReservationsview.php on line 6

Source: Stackoverflow

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